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Arrested by Love

A Starlight Ridge Prequel
Arrested by Love eBook.jpg
*Arrested by Love is available exclusively through Kat Bellemore and is not for sale on any other retailer

Tip #1 to meeting the man of your dreams:

Go to Jail

Getting arrested hadn’t been part of Monica’s five-year plan. Of course, being homeless and sleeping on the beach hadn’t been either. But she had been too stifled, and too stubborn, and thought she’d be better off on her own.

And look at where that had gotten her.

Sitting in a cold cell with the worst sheriff she’d ever met. The best looking, too. And kind. But seriously, terrible at his job.

Which was perfect for Monica. Except, after spending less than twenty-four hours with the small town sheriff, she found it difficult to want to leave.

Because in the end, getting arrested for something she didn’t do, was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Now, how to convince her heart—and the sheriff—of that.

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