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Returning to Love

Returning to Love eBook.jpg

Love is a young person’s game.

Or so she’d been told.

Thirty years. That’s how long it has been since Jessie Carter and her ex-fiance, Erwin, had a fight so massive that it fueled town gossip for weeks.

Thirty years since she’d given him his ring back.

Thirty years that they’ve had to continue seeing each other, because neither of them managed to leave their small town.

Thirty years of Jessie playing matchmaker for everyone but herself.

And it’s been one week since Erwin showed up on her doorstep, flowers in hand.

It’s too little, too late, by her estimation.

But Erwin is nearing his sixtieth birthday, and all he wants is one chance. One chance to stop their thirty-year feud. Once chance to no longer be alone.

And Jessie is tempted to give it to him.

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